Digital Sharing Project Update (June 2016)

Shelly and I are continuing to develop our digital sharing project this summer. At the iPadPalooza conference next week in Austin, we will be sharing a joint mini-keynote about “Outside Sharing.” A couple of weeks ago, I shared the post “Visualizing Inside and Outside Sharing” with some sketches we created to further develop these ideas. We’ve started a basic outline of our book project, “Inside and Outside Sharing,” on using CommentPress.

We had intended to host a small conference in Oklahoma City the first weekend of November 2016 (Nov 4-5), but that weekend turns out to be Parents’ Weekend at our son’s college, where he will be a freshman this fall. So, those plans are now up in the air. We may be able to reschedule for a different weekend (and perhaps just a Saturday) in the fall, or we may do something else.

As we’re rehearsing our iPadPalooza mini-keynote we will share a recording of those ideas, and would welcome any feedback you have. We’re also going to be recording a series of videos to be shared on YouTube which address different aspects and questions about inside and outside sharing.

In February 2016 I shared a 12 minute TED-style mini-keynote at the OMLEA Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This presentation and video provides more background about what Inside and Outside Sharing” is and what’s motivating this project. I’ve added this video to our website “About page.”

Back in December 2015 we created the video “Digital Sharing Map: Classroom Edition” document provide more background about the conference we’ve been plotting. You can also read more background and formative planning information is on this Google Doc, but keep in mind the Nov 4-5, 2016 conference is now officially postponed. Follow @digishare on Twitter for updates! We’ve also updated our Twitter byline and mission statement to focus beyond the classroom, at organizational digital sharing more broadly. We’re going to continue a classroom/school/education focus for this project, but the ideas and strategies we’re encouraging others to embrace are applicable to organizations of every size and flavor.

by @sfryer and @wfryer